27 Delicious Lunch Ideas for Days When You Just Can’t Eat Another Boring Sandwich

Face it. You can only have kale Caesar salad and a turkey sandwich for lunch so many times before you’re completely and utterly sick of the not-so-exciting midday meal. We can help: Here are 27 delicious lunch ideas to lean on when you’re totally bored of the usual.

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This combo of protein, veggies and your favorite jarred sauce will last you almost the entire work week.

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Sometimes you just need to let your inner child be in charge of the lunch menu.

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The recipe you didn’t know you needed to shake your chicken rut. Thanks, tangy yogurt sauce.

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You can find fresh rice cakes or XO sauce at Chinese or Korean grocery stores, right by the tofu or fresh noodles. Finish it with steamed broccoli or bok choy.

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